As I have been listening to people in our community, the diversity of local issues can be summed up in four priorities that I am passionate to advance and defend.


Strong and Free People

I believe in Canada. I believe in the people who call this beautiful place home... (read more)

I believe in Canada. I believe in the people who call this beautiful place home. And I believe in the principles our nation was founded on and made us great. Specifically, I believe in:

  •    Protecting freedom of speech, conscience, and religion by reversing the Canada Summer Jobs Attestation
  •    Making life easier for hard-working families, by reducing their tax burden and addressing housing affordability – both the supply of housing and non-resident demand
  •    Respecting parental rights, as parents – not the government – know what’s best for their kids. Parents are and ought to be the primary caregivers and educators of their own children
  •    Treasuring children as our future by promoting innovation and greater independence in education. (Although education should remain under provincial jurisdiction, I believe the federal government has a key support role to play.)
  •    Honouring seniors by improving home care and raising the Tax-Free Savings Account contribution limit from the current $5,500 back to the previous $10,000
  •    Promoting public safety, tackling crime, and protecting licensed law-abiding firearms owners by opposing C-71


Strong and Free Economy

It is productive Canadians who create prosperity, not the government... (read more)

It is productive Canadians who create prosperity, not the government. So, if we are to properly care for our aging population and navigate the increasing demands on our public healthcare system, we need a much stronger economy. The economic advantages of low taxes, open markets, and limited government interference have been empirically proven again and again. Based on centuries of evidence from dozens of nations, I strongly believe the government’s role in the economy should be limited to:

  •    Lowering taxes, so individuals and families keep more of their hard-earned dollars, and businesses invest more in improving productivity and innovation – increasing wages and creating new and better jobs
  •    Minimizing waste, debt, and burdensome regulatory overlap, to reduce the cost and burden of government – allowing for excellent government services at a lower cost to taxpayers
  •    Ending taxpayer-funded handouts to big business. It is corrupt and discourages entrepreneurship when the government plays favourites and picks economic winners and losers. We can attract companies honestly and fairly, without giving them an unfair advantage over our own “home-grown” businesses, by lowering taxes, reducing the regulatory burden, and ensuring everyone plays by the same rules.
  •    Balancing the budget and repaying the federal debt, to reduce interest payment costs and to stop penalizing future generations for today’s mismanagement
  •    Strengthening interprovincial and international trade, to broaden the customer base of Cloverdale-Langley City businesses and improve the local jobs market
  •    Improving transportation and investing in true economic-enhancing infrastructure, not vote-buying pet projects
  •    Eliminating barriers to safely transporting oil, by unashamedly supporting pipeline expansion. This is the best option for ensuring the safety of our environment, community, and economy.

Strong and Free Country

Canadians are proud of our core identity and rich heritage.... (read more)

Canadians are proud of our core identity and rich heritage. We urgently need to undo the attack on the true patriot love we sing of, and reignite Canadian pride and national unity, by:

  •    Promoting national projects that strengthen our unity and economy, rather than bowing to extremists and inciting interprovincial trade wars
  •    Supporting our brave veterans with a new and fair disability benefit program, that, at a minimum, provides the same level of benefits and compensation awarded under Canadian workers’ compensation programs
  •    Equipping our national defence to protect Canadians, meet our NATO defence obligations, and restore morale in our military
  •    Enforcing border security and upholding our immigration laws, to protect Canadians and respect the honest, law-abiding immigrants who follow the rules and patiently waited their turn to immigrate lawfully
  •    Modernizing law enforcement legislation, to stand with police officers and ensure they can confidently and effectively do their job keeping our neighbourhoods safe


Strong and Free Healthcare

We need to have the courage to talk about improving our healthcare system... (read more)

We need to have the courage to talk about improving our healthcare system. For years, this has been the proverbial “elephant-in-the-room” that no politician wants to address. But, with some of the worst healthcare outcomes in the advanced world, we must tackle the challenging issues of reducing wait-times, expanding access, and improving quality of care, by:

  •     Promoting a patient-centric and bottom-up approach, by giving doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners a stronger voice
  •   Expanding scope of practice, by tearing down unnecessary “silos”
  •   Speeding up the process for evaluating foreign credentials. Far too many qualified, experienced doctors are not practicing because their credentials have yet to be approved
  •    Empowering provinces to innovate, by decentralizing decision-making and allowing greater policy flexibility for provincial governments
  •    Removing ambiguity in the Canada Health Act, to minimize uncertainty and the potential for politically motivated interpretations of the act
  •    Modernizing our universal system, by removing the barriers to a fully functioning healthcare network: where parallel public and private care operate freely. But in opening up the healthcare market to free enterprise, we must ensure public funds are only used for public care, and taxes from for-profit care directly subsidize our public healthcare. This will reduce the taxpayer burden, while greatly improving our universal healthcare. (They have had a very successful parallel system in much of Europe for years. It’s time we upgraded our 1960s system to the 21st century!)
  •     Expanding existing Canadian medical schools, in order to admit more bright medical students


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