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“It is vital that we have someone in government who is honest, energetic, and a forward thinker. I support David Hunt for nomination as the Conservative candidate for Cloverdale – Langley City. David’s experience in business, combined with education in government policy, makes him the ideal person to represent us in Ottawa. I believe that David will be that strong voice that we need, representing family values, responsible government, and personal freedoms.”

Stan Leyenhorst, business owner, inclusive design specialist, long-time Cloverdale resident


“David has deep roots in our district, understands the issues facing our community and is a person of character and principle.  He appeals to a broad audience and has strong grassroots support. He knows what must be done to earn and maintain public trust. This is why I’m supporting David Hunt. He has built a team that can win in 2019 so he can bring a principled vision to Parliament.”

Russ Hiebert, former MP South Surrey–White Rock–Cloverdale




“David’s experience in business, policy, and managing successful election campaigns has equipped him with the tools to make a strong impact in Parliament, and he has the energy to be effective and get things done as an MP. I am confident he will be a strong voice for Cloverdale – Langley City.”

MP Garnett Genuis (Macleans’ Parliamentarian of the Year, 2017)



“David values life and the family, and is a strong defender of our freedom of thought, our freedom of belief, and our freedom of speech.”

Pierre Lemieux, former MP and Conservative leadership candidate


“All candidates say it, but David Hunt truly is the best candidate to defeat the Liberals and win Cloverdale-Langley City in 2019, as he will appeal to more swing voters than any other candidate, while mobilizing our base. He also contrasts the best with the Liberal incumbent. Furthermore, Cloverdale-Langley City has one of the highest concentrations of young families in Canada, so it only makes sense to have a candidate who reflects this. Having led and been involved in numerous successful campaigns, David Hunt is the clear choice. I proudly endorse him.”

Marc Burchell, former Dianne Watts deputy campaign manager and Vice President of the SSWR Conservative Association


“As a high school student, I can say with confidence that David Hunt resonates with young people. He understands the next generation, and will attract the youth vote that overwhelming went the other way last election. I’ve also worked with David, when he managed another election campaign, and was amazed by his genuine care for people and expertise on issues affecting local youth. I am proud to be supporting him; not just as a youth voter, but as an avid volunteer, too!”

Joon Sohn, Cloverdale resident and Lord Tweedsmuir student


“David was exactly the guy to launch a business with. 8 years later, the company is stronger than ever, and David and I remain close friends. He has my full support and absolute confidence in any endeavour. You won’t find a more competent candidate. I am confident that David will exceed your expectations as he has exceeded mine.”

Arturo Revuelta, co-founder Arturo’s Mexico to Go



“When David started his stone masonry business, the initial plan was to focus primarily on project management. He went well beyond that! He actually became a true stonemason himself, and all of us who worked with him benefited from his leadership. There are few people I respect more!”

David Niven, Niven Stone Masonry



“As a climate scientist and Fijian Indigenous leader, I am keenly aware of how important it is to elect candidates who understand sustainability and think from a global perspective. I have known David Hunt for a long time. He accompanied me on two trips to Fiji, where we met with some of the key political leaders and tribal chiefs of my home country. For such a young man, his understanding and respect and care for even the most underprivileged of people gives me faith in the next generation. With more forward-thinking millennials like David Hunt in office, Canada has a very bright future.”

Netani Gucake, Green Environmental Services Fiji